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Human Rights Center "Memorial"

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 Ethnic discrimination in the regions of
 the Russian Federation

Information gathering and analysis programme

The basic aims are the gathering, processing and distribution of information concerning discrimination on the basis of ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic identity, the incitement to discriminate, and the factors contributing to these phenomena in the various subjects of the RF.

The programme's work began in 1996. The director of the programme is Alexandr Osipov, and his full-time colleagues are Olga Cherepova and Dmitry Grushkin. Several volunteers also take part.

The programme was initially a continuation of investigations into the plight of Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodarsky Krai, conducted in 1994-5 with the support of 'Memorial' Human Rights Centre, as a result of which a detailed report was published in Russian and in English. On the initiative of the Human Rights Centre more widespread investigations into the problems of discrimination were started, involving several RF subjects and various ethnic groups. The 'Ethnic Discrimination' programme works in very close contact with the other programmes of the Human Rights Centre, which are frequently occupied with similar issues - ethnic discrimination against refugees, or discrimination in zones of armed conflict.


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