Ramzan Kadyrovís Representative Misleads Journalists

HRC Memorial comments to A. Krasnenkov statements

Andrey Krasnenkov, Ramzan Kadyrovís representative in criminal case that charges Oleg Orlov with libel*, regularly gives misleading information to journalists.

For example, Krasnenkov claims that Orlov and Human Rights Center Memorial representatives have been trying to forge a part of the materials that they had represented during the civil suit**. Kadyrovís representative was referring to the transcripts of the video recordings with Kadyrov and other Chechen Republic officialsí public statements that they made on Chechen television.

Here is what Krasnenkov told during the interview to Russkaya sluzhba novostei (Russian news service)***on September 15, 2010: ďIf he [Orlov] has never had intention to libel Ramzan Akhmatovich then why did they tried to attach a forged falsified transcript of the video recording to the civil suit materials during the court hearings on September 25, 2009? <Ö> After having checked the very first video record their motion was declined. But I, after having looked through this printout, I said right then that, according to the printout, Ramzan Akhmatovich is just a head of a gang of bloody maniacs, and is himself one of such maniacs, in the first place. Thus he has to be brought to court. Therefore I donít believe that it is like that, that he could say such things, and publicly, to boot. Weíll be looking into it.Ē

Previously, in the course of pretrial investigation of criminal case against Orlov, Krasnenkov was trying, in a similar way, to mislead the investigation, too. On July 9, 2010 he forwarded a motion (http://www.memo.ru/2010/09/29/p1.pdf) to investigator J. Khatchenkova that a copy of a report (http://www.memo.ru/2010/09/29/p2.pdf; see the last page) of the first court session on the civil suit should be attached to the criminal case materials. In this motion Krasnenkov stated that after having seen a DVD, which was made, allegedly, at his insistence, it was, discrepancy between the report and the contents of the DVD was found, on which a respective note was taken down in the protocol.Ē This fact, according to Krasnenkov, serves as a further proof of accusing Orlov of dissemination of slander about Kadyrov. Besides, Krasnenkov wrote that defendant Orlov and his lawyersÖ have been trying to attach only the transcript, without the video recording, without the disk, to the civil suit materials."

Krasnenkov misrepresents facts deliberately.

In fact, the bench, while looking through the recordings on the disk and collating it with the transcripts, have noted technical shortcomings of the texts, as transcripts of only those statements of the Chechen officials had been made that Orlov and his representatives referred to during the court, while introductory words of the announcers and correspondents had not been transcribed. This is why the bench declined the motion on attachment, justifying it by the fact that the transcripts and the video recordings do not correspond to the contents of the disk.Ē

HRC Memorial remedied the deficiency by the next court session that took place on October 6, 2009 after which the transcripts and the disk were attached to the civil case materials, regardless of the objections put forward by the victimís representative. This is verified by the report (http://www.memo.ru/2010/09/29/p3.pdf; see page 240 and next) of the sitting on October, 6.

Afterwards those very transcript and the disk were attached to the criminal case materials, as well. Krasnenkov canít but know about that.

By making such audacious statements Krasnenkov only relies on the report of the first court session on the civil suit. He refers solely to this one while contacting the media and is forgetting about the report of the second court session in the civic suit.

Krasnenkov might try to state that Orlov has made substantial changes to the transcripts of the recording anyway, but after the court refused to attach them to the civic suit materials.

The proof of the fact that no such substantial changes have been made is the text of Orlovís speech (http://www.memo.ru/2009/11/03/250909e.html) as defendant on the first court session on the civic suit. The text forms a part of the civic suit materials, it was read out in full at the beginning of the hearing, which means, even before the matter of attaching the disk and the transcripts was looked into. Besides, there are many quotations and references to the Chechen Republicís officialsí statements in Orlovís speech, and he refers specifically to those present in the transcripts from the case materials.  

Besides, Krasnenkov accused Orlov and HRC Memorial representative, S. Davidis, of them trying to attach only transcript to the civic case materials without the video recordings, without the disk. On the contrary (and this can be read on the last page of the record of the first session, which, in compliance with Kadyrovís representativeís motion, is attached to the criminal case materials), Davidis has asked the bench to attach the disk with video recordings, the transcript of the above-mentioned disk to the case materials. It can also be concluded from the report that Krasnenkov hadnít insisted on watching the DVD, having left the matter of attaching these materials to the benchís full discretion. Viewing of the disk was solely conducted on judge T. Fedosovaís initiative.

Thus we can state that Ramzan Kadyrovís representative, Andrey Krasnenkov is telling lies in attempt to slander HRC Memorial and the Head of its Board, to mislead the media, similarly to what he had been trying to do during the investigation. Kadyrovís representative is giving account, no less detailed, of a number of other events related to the meetings of the President of the Chechen Republic with human rights activists, etc.

Transcripts of the video made by HRC Memorial is both full and accurate. The translation from Chechen was made by native speakers. One could wonder, is Kadyrovís representative ready to repeat his harsh assessment, ď According to the printout, Ramzan Akhmatovich is just a head of a gang of bloody maniacs, and is himself one of such maniacs, in the first place. Thus he has to be brought to courtĒ?

You can watch the video recordings from the Grozny TV and Orlovís comments (in Russian) on them here:


The materials prove that Kadyrov has factual and constant control over the executive powers authorities and security authorities in the Chechen Republic and guides their work, and, consequently, is accountable for their action or the lack of it.

Besides, according to the materials, Kadyrov and his right hand, Adam Delimkhanov, call upon brutal human rights and Russian legislation violations in their public statements.

The materials prove also that public officers of the Chechen Republic, including MIA officers, referring to Kadyrovís orders, are brutally violating legislative regulations and human rights.

And finally, the materials testify that Kadyrov and Delimkhanov place those who talk critically of the situation in the Chechen Republic (experts, human rights activists) on the same footing as bandits, terrorists, criminals in their pubic speeches.

Full transcripts (in Russian) of the recordings can be found at HRC Memorial's website: http://www.memo.ru/2009/07/16/1607096.htm.

The disk with the records can be obtained by anyone from Memorial office, and the accuracy of the translations from Chechen and the transcript can be assessed individually.

*Criminal case on part 3, Art. 129 (libel) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was initiated on October 20, 2009. The first court session took place on September 13, 2010.

** Two court sessions on the civic case initiated by Ramzan Kadyrovís suit against Oleg Orlov and HRC Memorial on protection of his honor, dignity, business reputation and moral damage compensation took place on September, 25 and October 6, 2009 in Tverskoy district court of Moscow.

*** http://www.rusnovosti.ru/guests/visitor/42619/109394/

September, 30, 2010