Alfas Special Operations Executive Role in the Bishkeks Events on April 6-7, 2010

The legal proceedings over the 78 deaths of April Events participants as a result of firearm application will take place at the Bishkeks Military Tribunal in November, 2010. The criminal case under the articles 97 (murder) and 305 pt.2 (exceeding the limits of authority) was initiated by the General Prosecutors Office the next day after the Kurmanbek Bakievs authoritarian regime overthrow. 8 Alfas Special Operations Executive (ASOE) of the Kyrgistans Governmental Security Service agents are among 28 accused, some of whom are wanted (including ex-Head of State).

See the detailed report of the head of the Central-Asia program of HRC Memorial Vitaliy Ponomarev here

November 16, 2010