Krasnenkov Is Interested Whether There Is a Special Group in Memorial that Influences the Disliked Physically

Yesterday, on November 25, 2010, another court session on the criminal case initiated against the Chairman of the Board of Human Rights Center Memorial, Oleg Orlov, as stipulated by Article 129 (libel) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation took place in the court department No. 363 of Khamovniki district of Moscow.

During the hearing four witnesses if the defense - Igor Orlov (HRC Memorial's system administrator), Yulia Klimova (HRC Memorial's press-secretary), Svetlana Gannushkina (member of the Board of HRC Memorial, chair of the Civic Assistance Committee, member of the Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation) and Aleksander Cherkasov (member of the Board of HRC Memorial, member of the Expert Council under the Ombudsman in the Russian Federation) were questioned.

At the next hearing which will take place on December 16 at 11 a.m. the questioning of the witnesses of the defense will continue.

Many of those present at the court hearing were puzzled by two last questions by Andrey Krasnenkov, the representative of Kadyrov, to the last witness. Here is the translation of the transcript.

Krasenkov: Do you know anything about the threats to Ramzan Kadyrov of his physical... of murder made by one of the members of Memorial?
Cherkasov: I do not know anything about such words. <...>
Krasnenkov: Can you guarantee that there is no special group in Memorial that exerts psychological and maybe physical pressure on those people which are disliked by Memorial?.. Yes or no?
Cherkasov: Yes, I can! It's weird for me to hear that.

The full transcript of the hearing will soon appear at Memorial's web-site.

Commentaries of HRC Memorial on previous hearings, full trial transcripts and other materials on criminal and civil cases (in Russian) can be found at Memorial's web-site in the section Court:

November 26, 2010