''The Court Showed Contempt for Itself''

That is how Genri Reznik, the defender of Oleg Orlov, the head of Human Rights Center ''Memorial'''s Council accused of libel against Ramzan Kadyrov, qualified the decision of the court made on April, 18 2011.

For the third time, the victim Kadyrov did not appear before the court, in spite of the summons that were sent to him. No answer was ever received from Kadyrov.

Andrei Krasnenkov, the victim's representative, introduced a resquest for the victim's deposition given during the preliminary investigation to be disclosed. The defenders refused and Krasnenkov then introduced a demand for the victim's questioning to be made via video conference.

Despite the defender and defendant's protests, the judge Karina Morozova satisfied the request.

The defender Reznik qualified the request of questioning via video conference as showing contempt of court, as there was not a single circumstance preventing the victim to appear before the court. Once the request was satisfied, the lawyer asked the secretary to write into the proceedings his disagreement with the court's decision and that it had showed contempt for itself.

The defendant Orlov assessed the behavior of the victim and his representative as a deliberate procrastination of the proceeding: ''I don't understand why the victim's representative did not present that request earlier. Kadyrov could have been questionned long ago! And today, the hearing has been once again postponed upon Krasnenkov's demand.''

The cour hearing was postponed to April, 28 at 12.00 am. The place has yet to be precised. The victim will be questioned via video conference.

April, 18 2011