Trial Over Oleg Orlov's Criminal Case isn't Completed

On May 10, 2011, another court hearing of Oleg Orlov's criminal case, chairman of the Board of HRC Memorial, took place.
At the previous hearing the parties decided that the judicial investigation would be completed on May 10 and the parties would start the pleadings on May 16.

At the beginning the prosecution decided to attach several documents to the case.

The first document was the transcript of the meeting between Ramzan Kadyrov and representatives of the HRC Memorial on February 22, 2008. The representative of the victim managed to certify and submit it in proper way at last. The accused Orlov and his lawyer Reznik didn't have any objections.
After that Andrey Krasnenkov suddenly asked to attach an odd document to the case – a typewritten text, signed by first deputy head of the Grozny city administration Dzhaniev, which was addressed to the city mayor Muslim Khuchiev. Date of the document – March 31, 2008. This document was allegedly written on the very day, when at the meeting in the Palace of Youth Ramzan Kadyrov pounced upon Natalya Estemirova and hired her from the post of Chairman of Public council on promoting human rights and freedoms of the Grozny citizens.
Since three years after the meeting the representative of the victim has brought to the court the document in which Dzhaniev asserts that Estemirova refused to sign the protocol of the session of the Public council in which she said she didn't want any more to chair the Council and was going to leave the country for vacation for a long time. Along with that in this "document" her surname Estemirova is written with a mistake: "Estamirova". The text isn't typed on printed official form. There are no incoming and outcoming identification marks, resolutions, notes of attaching the documentation on the copy.
It is obvious that the defence declared the inadmissibility of attaching this document to the case. The lawyer Genry Reznik emphasized the oddity that "during such a long period of time nobody provided this document to any agency. But the debates about the circumstances of Natasha's leaving the post of chairman of the Council occurred much earlier". In the opinion of the defence a numerous quantity of such documents could be made. "There are no grounds to think that this text is a copy of a real document. I would like to draw your attention that there are no outcoming or incoming numbers, no official printing form. You can make as many such documents as you wish with the date 31/03/2008" – Orlov said. As the result the judge Karina Morozova refused to attach this "document" to the case.
She also refused to attach an extract from the protocol of the session of the Public council of Grozny on March 28, 2008 because of improper execution of the document.
According to Oleg Orlov's motion the trial attached to the case two Memorial's press statements about the meeting of Memorial's employees with Kadyrov on February 22, 2008 ("About the Meeting of HRC Memorial's Employees with the President of the Chechen Republic and Its First Results" –in Russian, Febuary 27, 2008 and about the results of this meeting in month and a half: "Interim Results of the Meeting of HRC Memorial's Employees with the President of the Chechen Republic" - in Russian, April 17, 2008). In the second press statement Memorial reported about Kadyrov's rude attacks on Estemirova and her withdrawal from the post.
After that the representative of the prosecution suddenly entered a motion to postpone the next hearing because it was necessary to question two more witnesses – the mayor of Grozny Muslim Khuchiev and the press-secretary of the Chechen government and of the President Al'vy Karimov. Reznik and Orlov didn't object. The court satisfied this motion.
Orlov made a statement that from his point of view the representative of the victim and the victim himself systematically and deliberately protracted the process. "To my opinion, it is obvious that they protract the process. This is systematic, deliberate, prolonged procrastination… I don't understand why the representative of the victim couldn't do that at the previous hearing".
Hereby, at the next hearing on May 16, 2011, at 10:30 am, the judicial investigation will continue. The witnesses Muslim Khuchiev and Al'vy Karimov will be questioned. The representative of the victim committed himself to provide the attendance of the witnesses.

May 12, 2011