At Court Hearing on Orlov Case Pleadings Took Place

Yesterday, on June 9, 2011, at the court hearing of Oleg Orlov case, head of HRC "Memorial", accused of libel against Ramzan Kadyrov, pleadings took place.

First to take the floor was the public prosecutor (assistant prosecutor in Central Moscow district Tatyana Viktorovna Popova was changed for senior assistant prosecutor in Central Moscow district Sadovnikov Artem Vladimirovich). Sadovnikov asked the trial to find Orlov guilty and inflict penalty of 150 000 roubles.

Next speaker, the representative of the victim Andrei Krasnenkov also asked the trial to find Orlov guilty and sentence him for three years in general regime colony.

Orlov's lawyer Genry Reznik asked to acquit Orlov. In the end of his speech Reznik said that "acquittal of not guilty will stop the abuse by prosecutor's office of criminal law".

Orlov didn't participate in pleadings. But he used his right for the last plea. Commenting on Krasnenkov's speech, he said: "Today during the pleadings it is wrong and to put it mildly not wise from the side of the representative of the victim to refer to the documents, statements, evidence which during nine month of the trial were not presented to the court, were not used by the court and are unknown for me, for my lawyer and for the prosecutor… why Mr. Krasnenkov during these months didn't try to attach these documents to the case? It is clear! Because in that way his statements would be discussed and probably disproved from our side". According to Orlov Krasnenkov's speech was full of mere assertions and misrepresentations of witnesses' testimonies. Orlov provided some examples. Further speech of the accused can be found at HRC "Memorial" website (in English).

The sentence will be pasted on June 14, 2011 at 4:30 pm.

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June 10, 2011