Kadyrov v. Orlov: Tomorrow Consideration of Appeals will Take Place

Tomorrow, on October 4, at 11:00 am in Khamovniki сourt, room # 10 (7th Rostovsky lane, 21), the consideration of appeals on acquittal of the head of the Human Rights Center "Memorial" Oleg Orlov charged with libel against the President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov will start. The presiding judge is Andrey Lutov.

The acquittal was brought on June 14 by the judge Karina Morozova (district #363). The public prosecutor Artem Sadovnikov lodged an appeal on June 22 (in Russian http://www.memo.ru/2011/09/27/ap.pdf), the representative of the victim Andrey Krasnenkov sent a petition of appeal to the court on June 24 (in Russian http://www.memo.ru/2011/09/27/az.pdf). Orlov's lawyer Genry Reznik lodged his objections in July (in Russian http://www.memo.ru/2011/09/27/2709111.html).

Meanwhile at the beginning of August the representative of the victim A. Krasnenkov spoke on the radio about new sensations and disclosures: "To implement such sentence for Orlov, a whole group of people was created, its leader was allegedly deputy prosecutor of Moscow Aleksandr Kozlov. It was him who was involved in the case of clandestine casino. This group works for Orlov." (in Russian http://rusnovosti.ru/programms/prog/61884/157687/ ). The representatives of Orlov, who communicates with Krasnenkov only in court, refused of participation in this radio program.

When the Memorial's press-secretary asked Orlov to comment this new information, he answered: "I don't comment ravings".

Information about civil and criminal cases "Kadyrov v. Orlov" see at Memorial's web-site (in English): http://www.memo.ru/2009/11/03/sudeng.html.

October 3, 2011