Kadyrov v. Orlov, Appellate Stage: Announcing of Evidence Continues

On October 28, 2011 in Khamovniki court of Moscow (7th Rostovsky lane, 21), the consideration of appeals on acquittal of the head of the Human Rights Center "Memorial" Oleg Orlov continued.

The prosecutor was changed for Sadovnikov Artem Viktorovich instead of Popova Tatiana Viktorovna. The new prosecutor has already taken part in the trial of first instance, he participated in pleadings (http://www.memo.ru/2011/06/10/1006112.html#__RefHeading__241_357442347 – in Russian) and lodged the appeal (http://www.memo.ru/2011/09/27/ap.pdf - in Russian).

The witnesses for the prosecution didn't come. The representative of the victim Andrey Krasnenkov said that he didn't procure their appearance because he wasn't sure whether the hearing took place or not.

The judge continued announcing evidence, given by witnesses for the prosecution during first instance trial (Nurdi Nukhazhiev's - http://www.memo.ru/2010/10/29/2910101.htm#_Toc276120290, Tamara Kagirova's http://www.memo.ru/2010/10/05/0510101.htm#_Toc276048814, Olkhazar Dzubayraev's http://www.memo.ru/2010/09/24/2409101.htm#_toc448).

Next hearings will take place on December 5, 6 and 8, at 11:00 am.

Information about civil and criminal cases "Kadyrov v. Orlov" see at Memorial's web-site (in English): http://www.memo.ru/2009/11/03/sudeng.html.

October 31, 2011