Kadyrov v. Orlov: Hearing of Appeals Continues

Today, December 5, 2011, in Khamovniki court of Moscow the consideration of appeals on acquittal of the head of the Human Rights Center "Memorial" Oleg Orlov has continued.

The federal judge Vladimir Lutov continued announcing evidence. The interrogation of the head of the staff of Ombudsman in Chechnya Umar Dzhumaliev (http://www.memo.ru/2010/09/24/2409101.htm#_toc677 –in Russian) was read together with the interrogation of HRC “Memorial’s” press-secretary Yulia Klimova (http://www.memo.ru/2010/12/14/1412101.htm#_Toc280125497), system administrator of HRC “Memorial” Igor Orlov (http://www.memo.ru/2010/12/14/1412101.htm#_Toc280125496), member of the Board of HRC “Memorial” Svetlana Gannushkina (http://www.memo.ru/2010/12/14/1412101.htm#_Toc280125498), and interrogation of human rights activist Aleksandr Mnatsakanyan (http://www.memo.ru/2011/02/02/0202111.html#__RefHeading__249_1256926638).

According to the petition of the lawyer Genry Reznik, the hearing was postponed till December 23, 2011, 12:30.

Online translation of the hearing at Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/hrc_memorial.

Information about civil and criminal cases "Kadyrov v. Orlov" see at Memorial's web-site (in English): http://www.memo.ru/2009/11/03/sudeng.html.

December 5, 2011