Structure and organisations

Memorial, being a movement rather than a single organisation, focuses on revealing the historical truth about mass-scale political repression in the Soviet Union and on defending human rights today.

To a large extent, Memorial organisations conduct their activities independently. Historically though, Memorial was established as a network of organisations with the centre in Moscow. The Russian network of Memorial is maintained in organisational terms by the Russian Historical, Educational and Human Rights Society Memorial (also known as Russian Memorial). Memorial organisations in Russia and elsewhere are part of a central organisation, the International Historical, Educational, Charitable and Human Rights Society Memorial (also known as International Memorial).

Thus, International Memorial is both an umbrella organisation for the entire Memorial and an independent research and education centre in Moscow. Human rights work in Moscow is centred around the Memorial Human Rights Centre that has offices in four of Russia's regions and 39 public Migration and Law Network outlets. In the media, the Memorial Human Rights Centre is often confused with International Memorial.

General co-ordination of Memorial work is vested in the International Memorial Board that comprises twenty-nine representatives of the Memorial organisations. The International Memorial Board meets in Moscow on a regular basis setting the agenda and deciding Memorial’s policies on topical issues.

Currently, over fifty Memorial organisations operate in Russia, six more in Ukraine, one in Belgium, one in Germany, one in France, one in Italy, and one in the Czech Republic. 



Belarus Memorial

Active since

April 2011


Romanovsky, Vladimir Ivanovich