Memorial in the press

Yuri Dmitriev’s case. Selected articles, separate publications


Yulia Kadenko. We’ll have to search for the essence. Why do we miss Roginsky so much? // Novaya gazeta, No. 34, 29.03.2019

Memory curator //, 22.03.2019 [Interview of International Memorial Board member Alexandra Polivanova]

Natalia Chernova. Bricks of history // Novaya gazeta, No. 27, 13.03.2019

Proved loyalty to youth ideals with his life. Alexander Cherkasov remembers Stanislav Markelov, killed by neo-Nazis in the center of Moscow //, 19.01.2019


History Must Be Measured in Human Beings //, 06.12.2018 [Interview of executive director of International Memorial Elena Zhemkova about «Returning the names», attitude to repressions in the present-day Russian society, on the work of Memorial Society after it was registered as a foreign agent and after Arseny Roginsky’s death] 

«Many of those whom Putin puts down as foreign agents, not only never sold themselves, but were sent to camps for their convictions». The first big interview of new Memorial International head Jan Raczynski // 7x7, 03.04.2018

«People come to us to find out about their forefathers»: conversation with new Memorial head //, 23.03.2018

Irina Gordienko. Keepers of uncomfortable truth //, 01.02.2018


Alexander Cherkasov. Memory and memorials // Vedomosti, 30.10.2017

«It was the state which killed the people, so it’s to the state to erect the monument». Elena Zhemkova on the long way to the Wall of Grief and the ongoing process of destalinisation // Gazeta. Ru, 29.10.2017

Nikita Petrov. Sandarmokh slaughterers // Novaya gazeta, No. 84, 04.08.2017

Gurianov A. E. «On the attempt of Russian ministries to justify Katyn» // Istoricheskaya ekspertisa, Announcements section, 07.2017

«Parents were told their kids would be turned into extremists in Moscow»// Kommersant, 23.04.2017

Elena Zhemkova: «The decision of the Ministry of Justice directly contradicts the definition of the Constitutional Court» // Pravovoy dialog, No. 3, April 2017


Arseny Roginsky: «There are no human rights and freedoms in our country even now, so we’ve lost» //, 11.10.2016

Alexander Cherkasov. «Hidden image» //, 30.03.2016


Elena Racheva. «The right to correspondence» // Novaya gazeta, № 17, 18.02.2015


«What is Memorial»? // COLTA.RU, 31.01.2014


Arseny Roginsky: «Take Stalin away from our life, and stealing and mess will disappear on their own» // Vedomosti, Friday, 24.02.2012


«Disclosure mechanism formed in mid-1990s… must be annulled» //, 03.06.2008