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8 September 2020

Freedom to Mariya Kolesnikova [ENG]

7 July 2020

Yuri Dmitriev is innocent, he must be released [ENG]

4 June 2019

On School Competition «People in History: 20th Century Russia» [ENG] 

25 February 2019

The hunt on «agents» continues

8 February 2019

Freedom of conscience in Russia is a non-thing

6 December 2018

On Lev Ponomarev’s administrative arrest

13 November 2018

On the discussion around the Wall of Memory in Kommunarka

19 October 2018

Moscow authorities disrupt the traditional «Returning the Names» event

20 September 2018

Oyub Titiev’s trial: no hope of justice

2 July 2018

On the fate of Museum of Political Repressions in Yoshkar-Ola

1 February 2018

Memorial after Arseny Roginsky’s death

Arseny Borisovich Roginsky’s death is a huge loss for Memorial. He was not only chair of Memorial Board, but also an unquestioned and indisputable leader. It is not possible to find an equal substitute: people of this scale are rare.

No doubt, it will be much more difficult to work without him. But the work goes on – thanks to Arseny Roginsky’s consistent efforts Memorial did not become a leader-oriented organisation. Each direction of work, each Memorial project has always been based on autonomy and responsibility. And the results of work have been and will be presented to society by different people – many of them are well known in Russia and the whole world.

New chair will be elected at the next Board session.

All the projects of Memorial will be continued in accordance with the plans. New projects appear, in which a young generation of Memorial members start playing a more and more important part.

For the last few years the work of Memorial has been complicated by a growing pressure on the part of the authorities (in particular, the inclusion of the Krasnodar office in the list of «foreign agents» – for the organisation of international scientific conferences, Yuri Dmitriev’s case in Petrozavodsk, a new slanderous TV show on the NTV channel in mid-January, continuous pressure on the Human Rights Center: at the beginning of year head of Grozny office in Chechnya was arrested under a falsified charge, then the office in Ingushetia and a car in Dagestan were set on fire). Despite this – or may be as a result of this – more and more young like-minders come to us, bringing a new vision and new ideas. One of important objectives of recent years – keeping and expanding the circle of our supporters – is being successfully solved, and this objective will preserve its topicality in the coming years.

Of course, we are obliged to keep Arseny Roginsky’s legacy, in particular, publish his works, which he did not have the time to finish or finalize for publication. To a large extent due to the fact that he gave a lot of time and effort to the preservation and development of Memorial in the present-day complicating conditions.

We know that many people worry for Memorial’s fate – and we want to tell all our friends: the cause to which Arseny Roginsky gave so much, goes on. We appreciate your support and count on it in future.

International Memorial Board

Arseny Roginsky. In memoriam

24 January 2018

Address to Russian and the world community in view of Oyub Titiev’s arrest [ENG] 

20 December 2017

On the occasion of the founding of the Cheka

15 December 2017

On the blocking of the «Open Russia» website

22 February 2017

On Boris Nemtsov march

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