Fire Destroys Part of Memorial's Nazran Office

Помещение правозащитного центра "Мемориал" в Назрани после поджога. Фото с сайта

A fire destroyed documents and computers at Memorial HRC's office in Nazran, Ingushetia on 17 January in an apparent arson attack.

Video surveillance cameras showed two people climbing the stairs with a gasoline canister and setting fire to a room in the Memorial office on the first floor of the building. A fire brigade's prompt arrival prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the building. However, three of the six rooms comprising the Memorial's office were seriously damaged.

Memorial HRC's work in Ingushetia is exclusively dedicated to human rights issues in Ingushetia and is in no way connected to Chechen issues. Nevertheless, we see an apparent link between the arson attack and the forces that are trying to destroy the work of Memorial in Chechnya and to force Memorial out of the entire North Caucasus region.