Yury Dmitriyev Released from Detention


Yury Dmitriyev, head of Karelia Memorial, who is tried on child pornography charges, was released from pretrial detention on 27 January.

Dmitriyev left the detention centre in Petrozavodsk, the administrative capital of Karelia, in the early morning. His lawyer says Dmitriyev has been released on condition he cannot leave the city without police permission.

Dmitriyev is to celebrate his 62th birthday on 28 January. His supporters plan to hold a rally in Petrozavodsk.

Meanwhile, Sergei Krivenko, a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council, says the results of Dmitriyev’s psychiatric examination have not yet been made available.

Yury Dmitriyev's video recorded at his home on 27 January (in Russian)

Yury Dmitriyev's interview to 7x7 website (in Russian)