The trials for liquidation of the Memorials are over. What's next?



Both Memorials were liquidated. Now what?

In fact, they are not liquidated at this point: the December courts’ decisions on liquidation have not entered into force yet.

And when will they enter into force?

After the full texts of the decisions of the Supreme Court (available here) and the Moscow City Court (available here) are prepared, organizations have 30 days to file appeals with higher authorities. For International Memorial that would be the Board of Appeals of the Supreme Court, and for Memorial Human Rights Center it is the First Court of Appeal of General Jurisdiction. Our lawyers and attorneys are now busy with preparation of appeal petitions.

After receiving our appeals, the courts will set dates for proceedings. At these hearings, relevant judicial authorities will have an opportunity to overrule the decisions of the lower courts, but still there is a chance that the liquidation decisions will stand. That is when they will come into force.

Didn't the ECHR demand the liquidation to be stopped?

Yes, the European Court of Human Rights has invoked the Rule 39, which is usually applied only to cases where a person is at risk of death or serious health deterioration. Moreover, the ECHR has ordered Russia to suspend liquidation of Memorials until the complaint against the Law on Foreign Agents is resolved, which was filed with the ECHR by Memorials and other Russian NGOs back in 2013. In accordance with the Rule 39, Russia cannot liquidate Memorials until a court holds a decision on our complaint about the very law under which they are trying to liquidate us. However, it should not go unspoken that although the ECHR has also demanded the release of Alexey Navalny under the same Rule 39, Navalny has not been released.

Does that mean they will be liquidated after all?

Apparently, after considering our appeals (in our opinion, it is going to happen in February), liquidation processes will begin. By the way, for such large organizations as Memorial Human Rights Center and International Memorial, they are not quick and will take some time.

What about now?

We are currently operating as usual. You are welcome to visit our exhibitions and join our excursions, use our databases, keep up with our news and publications, and in any case – stay with us.