Over the Barriers

Europe without Intellectual Boundaries and Limitations

Series of lectures in partnership with Public Diplomacy. EU and Russia cooperation programme will introduce the Russian audiences to intellectuals from different EU countries, chosen based on their experiences of public understanding of the difficult and tragic past. These meetings will be able to induce the audience to see the situation around the Russian society’s attitude to the Soviet past in a wider European context, to observe and recognize common social patterns, and to get to know the positive work experiences of the civil institutions from different EU member states.

List of speakers

  • Balint Magyar – a Hungarian politician, Ex-Minister of Education, founding member of the Alliance of Free Democrats. An author of the book Post-Communist Mafia State: The Case of Hungary, translated into Russian
  • Adam Michnik – Polish prominent dissident, journalist, chief editor of the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza
  • Vesna Terselic – Chroatian activist, Director of Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past
  • Nikola Mokrovic – PhD in Political Sciences, director of archive in Documenta Centre

and others

Представительство Европейского Союза в Российской Федерации