Street photo exhibition «It's right here»

Traces of the Soviet terror

International Memorial, together with the MARSH school of architecture and the Artplay design Center, presented a street photo exhibition on the boards «It's right here». The eponymous research project identifies places associated with the history of Soviet terror and maps them to Moscow. During 2018 the photographer Alexander Andriyevich went to the Soviet terror addresses, looking for the very walls and buildings in well-maintained Moscow that preserve the memory of the camps, prisons and people who lived there. This memory has not gone away, this is our city and it is right here.

Eugene Asse, architect:

This exhibition has two beginnings. The first – Sasha's photos, who recorded buildings with traces of terror in the 30s. These are buildings in Moscow that we pass every day and where terrible events took place in the Soviet years. These photos convey all the pain and remind us of history. The second is a civil action in memory of victims of political repression «Return of names», which takes place on Lubyanka square. In this [2018] year, due to the reconstruction, it was only possible to get to the square through a construction maze. At the request of «Memorial» I made a small exhibition to somehow formalize the type of construction. So, it all came together in an emotional complex: a construction fence, boards with photos on them, and the «Return of names». We are glad that Artplay has provided an opportunity to extend this exhibition and place it on its territory.

Photo: Alexander Andrievich
Architectural design: Eugene Asse

The exhibition was prepared with the support of Dmitry Borisovich Zimin, the European initiative for Democracy and Human Rights of the European Union and the Memory Foundation.

ARTPLAY design center
m. Chkalovskaya, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, 10, p. 12 (up the stairs, above the RMA office) 

December 20, 2018 – June 3, 2019


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