Ostarbeiter oral history archive

An web archive of the interviews of Ostarbeiter and prisoners of war. From the Memorial collection


The Other Side (tastorona.su) is a web archive of the interviews of ex Ostarbeiter, prisoners of war and prisoners of German camps and the site for publication of materials connected with the topic. We are interested in «the other side» – outside official festivities, textbook pages, displacement of troops – the life of ordinary people who found themselves in the orbit of the most tragic event of the world history.

The project is based on Memorial archive. The archive contains more than 300 many-hour interviews recorded during the period from the end of the 1980s till most recent times, and about 400 thousand letters of ex Ostarbeiter received by the newly established organization in 1990-1991. The archive provides interviews, photos, documents.

Especially for «The Other Side» the «Archivist» system of publication of text sources was designed. It enables to easily mark transcripts, creating various types of indices and additional glossaries. Elaborate analysis of interviews allows to turn fragmented (and even controversial) stories into a united database of the memory of the whole generation of people. The search system can help to understand which topics are touched upon each interview and go directly to the fragments of interest.

Interviewers: Kirill Vasilenko, Alyona Kozlova, Irina Ostrovskaya, Irina Scherbakova.

Transcript and comments: Natalia Altukhova, Asia Andreeva, Alexandra Bazulina, Natalia Baryshnikova, Anna Boguslavskaya, Sergey Bondarenko, Evgeny Burekhzon, Anton Dubin, Ekaterina Kokorina, Alyona Kuznetsova, Elena Larina, Anastasia Leonova, Maria Masyutina, Anna Meleshenko, Nikolay Naumov, Mikhail Pogorelov, Marina Polyakova, Tatiana Safronova, Eleonora Sindeeva, Polina Smirnova, Lyubov Timonina, Marina Khalimon, Ksenia Kharlanova, Ekaterina Khromova, Regine Khusyainova, Anastasia Chavykina, Elena Chudova.

Audio digitization and restoration: Nikolay Antonov, Rman Likhachev, Georgy Rudenko.

Video restoration: Natasha Joseph, Artem Moskalev.

Digitization of the photo archive: Alexandra Bazulina, Kirill Kozhanov, Maria Shilova.

Designing of archival application: Michael Aufreiter, Oliver Buchtala (Substance); Daniil Beilinson, Grigory Okhotin (Data for Society); Nikita Lomakin (Memorial).

Bibliography: Alexandra Maslova.

Executive editors: Alexandra Bazulina, Anna Meleshenko

Coordinator: Nikita Lomakin ([email protected])


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